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16 Nov
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I find it really interesting that when I type “Orphan” into a google search bar on the first page we find in the top searches including the definition of the word orphan and images of orphan and videos of orphan. However, in total from the eleven entries I can see five are definitions of an orphan and the remaining all refer to movies of the same name.

Isn’t this interesting? it goes to show, human behavior more of us will search for a movie or box set of that name than to search for actual Orphans who need Orphan Sponsorship or who are Orphans or Children in Need. The question that I have to keep asking myself is how do we make the need to support a vulnerable child more of a higher priority than a real great TV box Set such as Orphan Black.

I don’t think it is fair to say that people are simply uncaring.

I searched for Orphan Aid and clicked on the option for clothes bank, an area of work that I want Humanity Gives to get involved with, only to find that half way down the first page is an article from a BBC investigation:  BBC NEWS | UK | England | Clothing charities investigated.

This article details the work of two charities who were misleading the public. Maybe this is the problem.

I believe a few rotten tomatoes may well have ruined the great work the Charity Sector does and this harm is manifested in the public’s malaise or general mistrust in Charities. I also note that the majority of the top Charities who are involved in Orphan Aid, Orphan Welfare or Sponsorship are religious based.

Is it only religious people who are being encouraged to give to societies most vulnerable? I “pray” that this is not the case.

But it does highlight two key points. Firstly, there is an apparent mistrust in the charity sector and secondly “giving” is for the majority apparently a religious obligation.

Both of these viewpoints have to be challenged. I cannot deny that there are and always will be a few “bad eggs” in the Charity Sector but the great work of the majority must stand out and I feel this is not the case most revenue and costs go into marketing for new fund raising initiatives and little is being invested in the great work being done presently. This is a strategic error in Charities thinking. Giving is seen as a religious obligation, well I have to admit they did get there first and capitalised on giving, however in today’s climate religion at times appears to be out of synch with societal norms and I for one felt that a new way of thinking from a grass roots approach is needed.

I am unashamedly a great fan of the Law of attraction and read the “secret” by Rhonda Byrne” twice in one sitting but I feel that the “secret” and the vast range of books now available in this field of pseudo-science have missed an obvious “truth” visualization and gratitude are simply not enough….there is a third element but I’m not going to give the answer yet.

I want to finish this blog with a thought experiment and want you to reflect upon this… In today’s society Money is the life blood… but Charity is the Soul.

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