29 Dec
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Boxing Day Blues…2017

I have been asked by several friends to explain what I do in a day as CEO of Humanity Gives, unfortunately as I’m not in my regular job due to having hurt my back here is a list of things I do.
Some would say this is an addiction. I have missed out the frequent breaks and copious amounts of coffee, which my Dr has told me not to drink.
I’ve been trying to call the Charity Commission lately in order to update our list of regions, as Humanity Gives increases its reach worldwide, then I need to google and look for Charity Shops near me.
I have this idea to buy Charity Christmas cards as now that Christmas has past then I need to visit some charity shops online as I’m certain there will be bargains to have in order to resell. I’m not sure what I am going to do with the Christmas cards.
I also need to contact a few of Humanity Gives Trustees in order to plan events for 2018, one of them mentioned a Skydive.
Then need to visit friends in London, which will be a great excuse to visit Charity shops in London.
We have over a dozen young people in our Youth Clubs who are looking for charity Jobs. I can see what is available as unfortunately Humanity Gives in not big enough…..yet.