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Christmas 2017 and the Missing Pandora Bracelet

If you look at the Humanity Gives Youtube Channel you will see our Christmas event in support of Street Sisters.

We decided to help by purchasing, packing and providing giftbags filled with Ultrex sanitary pads, toiletries ranging from Nivea face-cream, Wash and Go hair shampoo to assorted sweets and toys.

We even had a pre-meeting to discuss the best types of sweets and decided against chocolates and instead purchased boiled sweets, hard candies, liquorice and chewing gums as these were found to be most suitable for homeless and rough sleepers as a source of quick energy.

Whilst we were busy packing and storing bags in living rooms and spare rooms of volunteers and supporters alike my 14-year-old niece came to stay and also helped.

I can honestly say that it was a relief when Naomi from the street sisters came to take the packs that were taking over the living room.

This story begins after nearly all the packs have gone as we do not have a central storage volunteers came in their cars picked up as many bags as they could fill their car boots with left heading towards several lady’s hostels, food banks and partner charities.

Imagine my surprise when we receive a knock on the door from a local neighbour who lived a few streets away who stated that he believed a Pandora bracelet, a Christmas gift was posted accidentally to our address following a mix up with UPS parcel delivery service.My niece actually opened the door and forgot to mention this to me. We then received a hand- written letter through the letter box. The gentleman was distraught and was adamant that the bracelet had indeed been posted to our address.

I was obviously left scratching my head as the chances of finding this were basically zero. We had packed over 300 gift bags and after Naomi had collected her parcels Riz from Walsall had taken a further 100 gift bags. furthermore, we were adamant that we had not received such a parcel.

It wasn’t until I contacted my niece, who had returned home by now, she too was adamant that she did not receive any Pandora bracelet but did acknowledge a few people had come to our house with boxes of Ultrex Sanitary Pads, sweets and toiletries and she had placed them with the other parcels in the living room.

That’s when I started to fill the pieces of the puzzle working back from when the bracelet was allegedly posted we realised that Riz and his Walsall team were the most likely to have picked up the bracelet.

So please imagine my conversation with Riz. “Hi Riz, you know those 100 gift bags you picked up for distribution. Well we think you may have a Pandora bracelet in one of the gift bags, any chance of looking for it and passing it back”. Riz responded. “You’re having a laugh those gift bags have already been handed over to the teams.” Also, I could not explain what the packaging was like and assumed that the bracelet would itself be in a separate package.

I am glad to say that after a lot of persuasion and a lot of Chinese whispers the legend of the missing Pandora bracelet began as each team opened up all of their allotted gift bags and looked for the missing bracelet it was no longer simply a missing bracelet but an engagement gift and then a wedding gift and finally a dying aunt had left this bracelet as a gift for her only niece. Magically the gift was found it had to be opened to ensure that it was intact and shortly returned to its rightful owner.

Faith in Humanity restored.