16 Jan
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Emergency Fund

We need £5000 per month for our Emergency Fund….that’s it… a measly little insignificant sum of money in comparison to other funds…and other Causes and other Charities, but what we are not looking for is a massive sum that does not make any real strategic sense but what we want is a return on investment …Huh?? You ask in bewilderment.
A return on Investment???..but I thought you are a charity …

Well yes… we are, but I personally have been heavily influenced by the works of Ayn Rand and her Atlas Shrugged was one of the most amazing works I have read to date…and Humanity Gives works broadly on these principles….you see imagine sending a team of 5 people to let’s say to Spain (a short hop away by plane) and imagine there has been an earthquake and we are using our emergency response fund. normally £5000 would be the cost of transport travel and accommodation…however with Humanity Gives we locate organisations already on the ground and after due diligence, make contact and tell them exactly how we want out funds to be spent.. simple.. unique but tried and tested..