16 Jan
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Should men run Corporations or Governments?

Should men run Corporations even Governments???…I ask this question because I was rudely cajoled over the weekend by my sister. The conversation teetered around Star Wars “The Last Jedi”.
I remarked how much I admired Poe the dashing, hunk of a space musketeer.. the headstrong, brave, risk-taker who comes out victorious at the end…and I remarked that he had all the hall marks of a great leader. And we needed someone like Poe to run Humanity Gives. But it was the forced reflection at the behest of my sister, who runs her own importing and exporting fabric business, that made me reconsider my boyish, somewhat immature, outlook. what made matters worse for me was the fact that both of my nephew’s were in earshot. I had just taken them both to watch Star Wars the Last Jedi, and they were still munching on their popcorn as they listened intently.

In Star Wars all the male hero’s appear to he dashing, head strong and frankly quite stupid from Kylo, Finn to Hans Solo … and it’s the female leads who are the ones in the advisory roles and trying to set the correct course and in this case the fate of the resistance and let’s not forget the force of good …. So my hero Poe in his swashbuckling, gung ho, manner almost single handedly wiped out the resistance, not before getting the entire resistance bombing fleet, half its fighter pilots and nearly all the military leadership wiped out…I tried to put on a brave face…but I had already lost this battle….On reflection I ask…Can the same be said for Governments or even Companies?.. Are all men predisposed as children to swashbuckling hero stereo types??? Take the leader of the Free world in his mighty Towers and his swirling blonde locks..does he not think of himself as some sort of grandiose hero???…luckily for me, it was my turn to take on my youngest nephew with my all new flashing LED, with realistic sounding, light sabre…..